The School of Education at Valley City State University is continuously assessing its program and making changes based on VCSU data, research in the field, collaborative ideas shared with other education preparation providers, or valuable insights gained from experiences with K-12 partners. The goal is to improve teacher preparation.

Unit data is shared each August.  Each program is given data specific to its academic area each September and February as well. VCSU has been sharing its data with other education preparation providers as well as K-12 partners more frequently in the past few years.  Research based and data driven decisions have become standard practice and part of the culture for VCSU and the School of Education Unit.  

 Examples of data that are being regularly gathered for analysis:

  1. Praxis I (PPST)
  2. GPA
  3. Praxis II (Content and PLT)
  4. Pre-student teaching field experiences
    1. Intro Practicums
    2. Diversity Practicums
    3. Methods Practicums
    4. Dispositions
    5. Student Teaching
    6. Teaching for Learning Capstone (TLC) unit
    7. Senior Portfolio
    8. Exit Surveys
    9. Transition to Teaching (1st year teachers)
    10. Employer Surveys

The data from these assessments are highlighted in the Unit InTASC data. Data-driven decisions that impact the Unit can make a difference for each individual program as well.

The data in this report indicate that program is doing well in terms of GPA, Praxis II, PLT, student teacher evaluations, senior portfolios, and in the field experiences that are completed prior to student teaching.  The analysis of the data at each site and over time indicates many program strengths. The analysis to data and VCSU's active engagement with other universities has led to numerous program improvements.

  1. VCSU research and analysis of data has led to:
    1. GPA requirements for program admission
    2. Increased length of the student teaching experience
    3. Analysis of VCSU and Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT) institution common metric data have impacted School of Education decisions to strengthen curriculum in the following areas:
      1. Differentiated Instruction
      2. Strategies for teaching English Language Learners
      3. Effective application of Technology
      4. Formative Assessment
      5. Engaging students in higher level thinking skills
      6. Classroom management
      7. Implementing Teaching for Learning Capstone (TLC) component pieces into the curriculum
      8. Analysis of current trends, research and collaborative efforts with other educator preparation providers led VCSU to doing more with
        1. Response to Intervention (RTI)
        2. Common Core Standards
        3. Co-Teaching
        4. The recruitment and retention of teacher candidates
        5. Data sharing among partner institutions
        6. Follow-up with graduates as they enter the teaching profession
        7. Factor analysis of reliable and valid assessment instruments
        8. A version of the edTPA called the Teaching for Learning Capstone (TLC) unit completed by all teacher candidates with a purpose of strengthening their:

                                               i.     Unit and lesson planning skills.

                                              ii.     Emphasis on specific elements of the implementation of lessons.

                                            iii.     Development of strategies to formatively assess student learning and apply feedback that is timely and descriptive.

                                            iv.     Ability to reflect on what they have done well and how they can improve teaching and learning in the future.

The Unit has listed these areas in the Analysis of Findings section and will write more specifics about the actions that have taken place during the Response to Findings section.