Additional Assessments:

 The data required by the state of North Dakota include:

1.     Candidate Grade Point Averages

2.     Praxis II content tests are intended to provide evidence of the candidates' subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge 

3.     The Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) test is intended to measure general pedagogical knowledge

4.     Student teacher data as an indicator of candidate success in K-12 classrooms

Required Assessments:

Data gathered through:

Praxis II Content Test

Education Testing Service - standardized content test for licensure

Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Test

Education Testing Service - standardized pedagogy test for licensure

Grade Point Average

VCSU faculty

Student Teacher Final Evaluations (required by state of North Dakota)

K-12 cooperating teachers

Additional assessments:

Data gathered through:

Exit Survey

Teacher Candidates - as they complete student teaching, shortly before graduation

Senior Portfolio

VCSU faculty

Transition to Teaching Survey

Alumni - first year teaching provide feedback on their preparation as they near the completion of their first year of teaching

Employer (Supervisor) Survey

Employers provide feedback on the preparation and performance of  first year teachers

The additional assessments were selected to assist VCSU in the process of regularly gathering, analyzing, and sharing assessment data from K-12 cooperating teachers, unit faculty, student teachers, alumni, and K-12 administrators.  The unit examines the data for trends that help identify areas of strength or weakness for program improvement.